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Smile Bucks/Kids Club

You have a chance to earn prizes by simply being a great patient. To reward you for doing your part, we have developed the “Million Dollar Smile Bucks” program. You have lots of chances to earn your Million Dollar Smile Bucks, and it's easy. Million Dollar Smile Bucks can be earned by wearing your appliance and rubber bands, as recommended, being on time for your regularly scheduled appointment, having regular dental checkups or just by referring a friend.

Save your Million Dollar Smile Bucks for various prizes. There are many exciting prizes to choose from, including gift certificates, beach towels, Discmans and much more. Check out the Million Dollar Smile prize board display located in the Orthodontic Treatment Area.

Million Dollar Smile Bucks Guidelines

You will earn Ortho Smile Punches each time you complete the following:

To Earn One Punch:

  • Elastics and Headgear are Worn as instructed.
  • Wearing a Mayhew and Scheffier T-shirt to your regularly scheduled appointment.

To Earn Three Punches:

  • Arrive on time for your regular scheduled appointment.
  • Have EXCELLENT oral hygiene.
  • Nothing loose or broken at your regular scheduled appointment.

To Earn Five Punches:

  • Bring in documentation from your dentist that you have had your teeth cleaned.
  • Our “Thank You” for referring your friends to our office. The patient that you refer to our office must give your name at the initial exam.

Ortho Smile Bucks Rules

  1. Ortho Smile Punches are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Repair appointments DO NOT APPLY.
  2. The number of Punches you earn at each visit is up to you based on our guidelines.
  3. Your Buck is your responsibility. It is just like real money. If you lose it, like real money, they are gone. We will only reissue a new unpunched Orthobuck
  4. Once you spend your Bucks on a prize, they are spent. You must earn more Punches for more prizes.
  5. Reproduction in any way of the Ortho Smile Bucks will void your Buck. Any invalid Punches will also void your Buck.
  6. Our office reserves the right to amend or make additions to qualifying rules and to amend or discontinue the reward program without notice.

Ortho Million Dollar Smile Bucks Prizes

20 Ortho Smile Punches

Chick-fil-A Gift Certificate (special thanks to Chickfila of Boone!)

45 Ortho Smile Punches

College Team Hat (courtsey of Sports Fanatic)

75 Ortho Smile Punches

Opsmiles Gift Card

95 Ortho Smile Punches

Bleaching Kit (Colgate professional strength)


Orthodontic Kids Club Reward Program Rules & Prizes


For patients that aren’t quite ready for braces, we are excited to offer our Cool Coin Reward Program! At each visit in our office, you can earn Cool Coins for simply taking care of your teeth. Cash in your coins during your appointment for prizes or save up your coins and turn them in at anytime for even bigger rewards. 


You can earn 1 Cool Coin for each of the following:


    • Arriving on time to your appointment
    • Clean teeth (no plaque) and healthy, pink gums at your scheduled appointment
    • Wearing your Mayhew and Scheffler Kids Club T-Shirt to your scheduled appointment
    • Having no broken or loose appliances, if applicable
    • Wearing your retainer or appliance as instructed
    • Showing us a lost baby tooth in our office

·         Having your teeth cleaned at your general or pediatric dentist’s office and bringing your signed card from your dentist

  • Participating in an office contest or office activity
  • Writing a story about what you like about our office and letting us post it on Facebook or our website
·         Having all A’s on your report card. Bring your report card in.
  • Participating in community service/charity work – anything you can do to better your community (Please bring in a letter from an advisor demonstrating service)
We enjoy seeing and rewarding our family of patients! We hope you have fun with this program!